• How Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, Gets Things Done

  • Posted on December 20, 2017
  • It is simply the case that Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, believes it is of vital importance for everyone with means to give back to their community in any way they can. For some, that means giving of yourself personally, whereas, for others it can mean generating business activity and a larger tax base, so as to support those in the community who are not so well off. It is perhaps that attitude that has transformed him into a highly regarded leader in the homeowners association management industry nationwide, as well as in the Carolinas.

    More than anything, Paul Mengert is a teacher. For his company, AMG, Paul has assembled a team of class instructors who are executives with various companies, which gives them more insight than most. They serve as managing partners, presidents, and even CEOs, so they are able to approach their instruction from a unique perspective. As a CEO for AMG, Paul Mengert is building up his community by adding to the Greensboro business climate, as well as increasing the ability of homeowners associations to deal with the homeowners who depend on them.

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